Laser Diode Bias Insertion Units

Output module with butterfly-packaged DUT These accessory items are used to match a laser diode to a pulse generator, by providing an internal series resistance (typically 50 Ohms) and a very high bandwidth socket for the user's diode. A bias-tee circuit is also provided internally.

Every AVO-9 laser diode driver includes one of these AVX-S laser diode bias insertion units (also called "output modules").

Output modules can generally be swapped, to permit a single pulse generator to handle a variety of diode packages and configurations. Inverting transformers can be installed to invert drive polarities.

These modules are often customized to match particular diode packages and V/I curves.

Product Current (Amps) PW (ns) Risetime (ns)
AVX-S1 laser diode bias insertion unit 0.4 0.4-200 0.2
AVX-S2 laser diode bias insertion unit 2 1-1000 0.5
AVX-S5 laser diode bias insertion unit 2 10ns-10ms 1
AVX-S3A laser diode bias insertion unit 5 2-100 0.5
AVX-S3C laser diode bias insertion unit 10 2-100 0.5


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