AN-5 ~ Vendors of Fast Pulse Accessories

The following vendors can supply some of the components necessary to apply your Avtech pulser. The list is by no means complete, but it is a start!

Parts Supplier Web Address

Coaxial cables, adapters

Pasternack Enterprises
Newark Electronics

High-speed coaxial probes for probing stations

GGB Industries

Power resistors

Ohmite (OX and OY series)
RCD (RSF1A and RSF2B series)
Microwave resistors Res-Net Microwave
Attenuators Midwest Microwave
Microwave capacitors American Technical Ceramics

Current probes

Tektronix, Inc.
Current transformers Integrated Sensor Technologies
(formerly American Laser Systems,
Channel Island Circuits)
Pearson Electronics

Connectorized laser diodes

Metrotek Industries, Inc.
PD-LD Inc.

Laser diodes

JDS Uniphase
Spectra Physics
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
(formerly EG&G Canada)
Roithner Lasertechnik
DC Power Supplies Xantrex
High-Voltage DC Power Supply Modules Ultravolt

Probing Stations and Test Substrates

GGB / Picoprobe
Cascade Microtech
J microTechnology

Standard & customized
test solutions
since 1975

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