Burst Modes, Single Pulse, Double Pulse, and Multi-Channel Options

Burst Mode, 1-500 Pulses

Avtech offers a burst-mode option for many models. This allows 1-500 pulses to be generated in response to a single trigger event.

Double Pulse Mode

Some models can also be provided with double-pulse options. This allows a pulse doublet to be generated for each trigger. The option can be configured to provide 2 positive pulses, 2 negative, or a positive and a negative pulse. The separation between the pulses in the doublet can normally be varied. Some high-speed models can be provided with a burst mode allowing up to 4 pulses in quick succession, speparated by a fixed spacing.

Single Pulse Mode

All pulse generators with the "-B" suffix include a single-pulse pushbutton. Single pulses can also be triggered by computer command.

Units with the "-C" suffix (which do not have a GPIB port) can sometimes be provided with a single pulse pushbutton. Contact Avtech for availability of this option.

Multi-Channel Instruments

Some models can be provided with 2 outputs, with independent amplitude and pulse width control.

Special Requirements

Avtech has been providing "one of a kind" instruments at near-stock prices since 1975. Contact us directly if our standard products do not meet your requirement!

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