Other Fast Pulse Accessories

Avtech offers a limited range of fast-pulse accessories designed for use with both general-purpose and Avtech sub-nanosecond pulse generators.

Test Loads for use with AV-CLZ Low Impedance Transmission Lines

Model Resistance Maximum Pulse Current
AV-CTL1 1.0 Ohms 100 A
AV-CTL2 1.8 Ohms 50 A
AV-CTL3 2.7 Ohms 30 A
AV-CTL5 5.4 Ohms 20 A
AV-CTL11 10.8 Ohms 10 A
AV-CTL12 12 Ohms 10 A

Medium-Power Series Resistances (for laser-diode current-limiting applications)

Model Resistance Maximum Power Parasitic Inductance
AVX-RL3-10 10 Ohms 50 Watts 70 nH
AVX-RL3-50 50 Ohms 50 Watts 70 nH

High-Power Test Loads (for use with the AVO-8 series, etc)

Model Resistance Maximum Power
AV-HTL-0R1 0.1 Ohms 4000 Watts
AV-HTL-0R2 0.2 Ohms 4000 Watts
AV-HTL-1R0 1.0 Ohms 4000 Watts
AV-HTL-2R2 2.2 Ohms 4000 Watts

Rack-Mount Kits

Model Description
R5 Rack-mount kit for standard 2U-height 17"-wide chassis.
R6 Rack-mount kit for 3U-height 17"-wide chassis.

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