AVR-EB7-B Semiconductor Test Pulser

The AVR-EB series was designed for MIL-STD-750E diode switching time tests. The AVR-EB4-B is intended for reverse recovery testing of high-speed power rectifiers. The similar AVR-EB5-B is intended for more specialized reverse recovery testing of long-lifetime high-voltage PIN diodes, and the AVR-EB7-B is intended for low-current small-signal diodes. The current waveforms generated by these instruments are suitable for MIL-STD-750E Method 4031.4 Test Condition B tests.

The most recent information for the AVR-EB7-B Semiconductor Test Pulser is available here:

Adobe PDF Format AVR-EB7-B data sheet (PDF format, 4431 kB, 2023-10-12).
LabView Driver A LabView driver for the "-B" version of this instrument is available!
Instruction Manuals The following manuals for the AVR-EB7 family (possibly including customized models) are available online:

Prices - USA and Canada

Standard US/Canada prices are listed below. We can also provide you with a formal quote.

Base Model P/N Price Notes
Semiconductor Test Pulser AVR-EB7-B
Base model. Units with the -B suffix include the IEEE-488.2 GPIB and RS-232 computer control feature and a 2m/6ft GPIB cable. Includes one AVX-TRR-MIX test jig, unless otherwise specified.
Connectivity Options
Ethernet port, for remote control using VXI-11.3, ssh, telnet, and web -VXI $0 Option. Standard feature for orders after Jan 14, 2019 - it is no longer necessary to specify this option. Adds a rear-panel Ethernet connector, allowing the instrument to be remotely controlled using the VXI-11.3, ssh (secure shell), telnet, and http (web) protocols. In particular, the VXI-11.3 features allows software like LabView to control an instrument using standard VISA communications drivers and network cabling, instead of using old-style GPIB cabling. (This eliminates the need for a GPIB controller card and its proprietary drivers.).
Extra Documentation
Provide a Certificate of Conformance -CC1 $106 Option.
Provide an installed IUID-format label -ID1 $106 Option. Label only. Does not include data registration. Records the manufacturer CAGE code, the instrument serial number, and the model number.
Miscellaneous Options
Rack Mount Kit -R5 $322 Option. For 17-inch-wide models only. Check datasheet for instrument dimensions. (All -B units are 17 inches).
Extra GPIB cable, 1 meter -X1 $53 Option.
Extra GPIB cable, 2 meters -X2 $75 Option.
Extra GPIB cable, 4 meters -X4 $97 Option.
Test Jig Configuration
Axial no-bend test jig -AXPOST $0 Option. Suitable for low-to-medium current reverse recovery tests. Replaces earlier -ANB design.
DO214AC test jig -DO214AC $1728 Option. Accepts DO214AC type SMT packages in a Loranger 03481 101 6218 socket.
High-current low-inductance axial test jig -HPOST $0 Option. Suitable for low-to-high current reverse recovery tests, and forward recovery tests. Replaces earlier -ANB design.
Loranger socket for axial devices -LORAX $0 Option. Uses a Loranger 03186 021 6215 socket for the DUT. Only suitable for reverse recovery tests due to relatively high inductance.
MIX jig, with a variety of pin sockets -MIX $0 Option. Provides a mix of pin sockets to accept leaded devices. Leading bending required.
SOD123 test jig -SOD123 $1728 Option. Accepts SOD123 type SMT packages.
SOD123W jig -SOD123W $1728 Option. Accepts SOD123W type SMT packages.
SOD128 test jig -SOD128 $1728 Option. Accepts SOD128 type SMT packages.
SQMELF jig -SQMELF $1728 Option. Accepts SQMELF packages. Replaces earlier -MELF design.
Alternative stud jig -STUD $1728 Option. Accepts DO-4 and DO-5 stud packages.
Alternative TO-254AA jig -TO254AA $1728 Option. Accepts TO254AA packages.
UB jig -UB $1728 Option. Accepts MIL-STD UB packages.
UMC jig -UMC $1728 Option. Accepts Semicoa UMC packages.
AC Power Cords
Power cord for United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia -AC00 $0 Option. BS 1363, 230V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for Australia, New Zealand -AC01 $0 Option. AS 3112:2000, 230-240V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for Continental Europe, Korea, Indonesia, Russia -AC02 $0 Option. CEE 7/7 Schuko, 230V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for North America, Taiwan -AC03 $0 Option. NEMA 5-15, 120V, 60 Hz.
Power cord for Switzerland -AC06 $0 Option. SEV 1011, 230V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for South Africa, India -AC17 $0 Option. SABS 164-1, 220-250V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for Japan -AC18 $0 Option. JIS 8303, 100V, 50-60 Hz.
Power cord for Israel -AC19 $0 Option. SI 32, 220V, 50 Hz.
Power cord for China -AC22 $0 Option. GB 1002-1, 220V, 50 Hz.
Shipping Case
ATA shipping case -ATA3 $1398 Option. Ships the instrument in a heavy-duty ATA-style transport case, instead of the normal cardboard box. It can also serve as a storage case. This option is recommended for shipments outside of North America and Europe, and is mandatory when using a freight-forwarder or when shipping by any method other than FedEx/UPS. It is strongly recommended for all shipments to China. Pelican model 1690 for full-rack-width (17 inch / 430 mm) units, including all -B units. Pelican model 1610 for half-rack-width (8.5 inch / 215 mm) units. This option increases the shipping weight by 45 lbs / 20 kg (1690) or 24 lbs / 11 kg (1610).
Shipping Method
Ship to USA or Canada, on Avtech FedEx Priority account   $0 Included in base price.
Ship globally, on customer FedEx or UPS account   $0 Excludes Austria, China, The Czech and Slovak Republics, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey. Consult your local representative for pricing.
Ship globally, on Avtech FedEx Priority account   Contact Avtech for pricing. Excludes the above countries.
Ship globally, using a customer-specified freight forwarder   Contact Avtech for pricing. Excludes the above countries. Not recommended. Due to the increased likelihood of shipping damage, the -ATA3 option (heavy-duty ATA shipping case) is mandatory for -PS, -C, and -B models.

These prices are in U.S. dollars, and apply only to orders placed directly with Avtech from the United States and Canada. Reseller prices may be higher. A 5% academic discount is available for North American universities. Orders are non-cancellable, non-returnable.

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Prices - International

Customers in Austria, China, The Czech and Slovak Republics, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey should contact their local representative for pricing. International prices will be somewhat higher than the USA/Canada pricing shown above, depending on local documentation requirements, customs and shipping procedures, and other regulatory issues (for example, the European WEEE directive).

Customers in other countries should contact our Canadian headquarters directly for pricing. Avtech can ship internationally by FedEx (preferred), UPS, DHL, or Bax Global.

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To form a valid model number:

+ (select one power cord: -AC00, -AC01, -AC02, -AC03, -AC06, -AC17, -AC18, -AC19, -AC22)
+ (recommended shipping case, mandatory if not shipping by FedEx or UPS: -ATA3)
+ (select one, or none, from: -AXPOST, -DO214AC, -HPOST, -LORAX, -MIX, -SOD123, -SOD123W, -SOD128, -SQMELF, -STUD, -TO254AA, -UB, -UMC)
+ (other possible options: -VXI, -CC1, -ID1, -R5, -X1, -X2, -X4)

Some options may not be available with all formats (see the table above), and some combinations of options may not be available together. See the data sheet for details.

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The files listed below contain actual test results from recently shipped units or internal models.

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